The dream of a man


In 1903, Mr. José Borrás founded a rice Company named Hijos de J.SOS Borras in Algemesí (Valencia)


The first individual rice bag


At this time, all basic products were sold in convenience shops in bulk and packed in little paper bags.  Sometimes people even brought their own bag for shopping.
In 1912 SOS took the first step to introduce rice products into the kitchens of Spanish families, launching the first small size rice bag. They were 1kg fabric bags of rice with the SOS brand.

Recipes booklet


In 1935 SOS Company, developed the first cookbook of recipes for rice.


Paper bags. Developing and investigation

since 1950

From 1950 onwards SOS launches the paper bags as standard packaging for consumers.

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Consumer approaching


In 1957 SOS reaches Spanish homes with the first TV ad on TVE, the only TV channel at that time.

Commited to the rice


In 1986, the brand begins communicating with consumers on the different varieties of rice, educating people   on the uses and cooking methods, aiming to enrich our rice based food culture.

Beyond our borders


From 1997 SOS becomes an international brand.

Logotipo de Ebro Foods

Ebro Foods Group


In 2011 SOS Brand was purchased by Ebro Foods Group.

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